I’d like to be a Lion Tamer


I’d like to be a lion tamer,
Sequins and tights and silk top hats.
I know I could be a lion tamer,
I’ve always gotten along with cats.

I’ve had String Theory‘s version of Lion Tamer stuck in my head for the last few days since re-watching Cat Dancers. I have long harboured dreams of being in the circus. When I was a child we went to Florida and there was a man who had a cat show. It was evening and they would jump through rings of fire. I was impressed. I used to dress my cats up in costumes and push them around in a pram, or photograph them jumping out of top hats and tinsel. They didn’t seem to object.

SamanthaSweeting_straycat_1SamanthaSweeting_straycat_2 A stray tom cat has been hanging around the farm recently. A dish of food was left as a trap for him in the portacabin where I work, and at the end of the afternoon in he wandered. He grabbed a mouthful of meat and ran away. I went outside. He approached cautiously, a little more each time I turned. A flash of the Stalking Cat.

As he entered the room, I closed the door,SamanthaSweeting_straycat_3 trapping us together inside. Him wide-eyed and wild, began hurling himself at the windows. Then settled under the table, growling.    SamanthaSweeting_straycat_4SamanthaSweeting_straycat_9

I gave him his bowl of meat and slowly he let me approach him.

And as he finished the food, he had calmed.SamanthaSweeting_straycat_12SamanthaSweeting_straycat_11SamanthaSweeting_straycat_17I stroked and tickled him SamanthaSweeting_straycat_8 and he licked and                                                                                                                 nuzzled me in return.

SamanthaSweeting_straycat_touchingpawsSamanthaSweeting_straycat_13Today, he went to the vet to get castrated and have a blood test. Once the results come through, he will need a new home. In the meantime, I need to think of a name for him.


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