KuneKune pigs.

I have been seeing a lot of KuneKune pigs lately. There were some at a farm I visited in Oregon last month, where my brother buys his eggs. They also have a pair at ZSL London Zoo. And here are Watson and Holmes, on the Spitalfields City Farm.


KuneKunes “fat and round” pigs come from New Zealand, though their origin is believed to have been China. They are a small domestic breed that are hairy and have wattles (pire pire) hanging from their lower jaw. I am told that sometimes when they are piglets, they mistake the wattles for teats and bite them off. I am assured that this is not as painful as it sounds.

They are friendly and intelligent pigs that enjoy human company. Thanks to a breeding program initiated in the 1980’s, they no longer face extinction, with breeding societies in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


Farm Tales

I have just begun my 4 month artist residency at the Spitalfields City Farm, where I will concentrate on making a sound archive of animal noises and oral histories. These will be developed into psycho-geographic audio tours of the farmyard and gardens, interweaving stories from the farm, with memories, myths, fairytales, and observations. In addition, I will make a series of photographs and short narrative films, recording the daily running of the farm.