Bee trapped in window.

There are a number of bee projects happening at the farm. Sara Heitlinger has installed microphones inside the hive, and will be setting up a listening post so we can hear the colony’s activity. Dawn Scarfe is making bee music, using string instruments to recreate the sound of the insects. And here is a little recording I made of a bee that was trapped in the window where I work.


Donkey call

Derek, Bayleaf and TillySamanthaSweeting_Bayleaf_eye

Today I managed to record my first donkey bray. I was a little far away but I think it came from Bayleaf, the 15 year old miniature donkey on the farm.

The distinctive ee-aw is made because donkeys, unlike horses, are able to produce vocal sounds as they inhale, as well as when they exhale.

Farm Tales

I have just begun my 4 month artist residency at the Spitalfields City Farm, where I will concentrate on making a sound archive of animal noises and oral histories. These will be developed into psycho-geographic audio tours of the farmyard and gardens, interweaving stories from the farm, with memories, myths, fairytales, and observations. In addition, I will make a series of photographs and short narrative films, recording the daily running of the farm.